Modern Era SSB Sets

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  The BCC39

was built by RACAL at the end of the 80s as portable HF station. It is part of a modular system, called VRQ319 as mobile or fixed station radio.
The parts also can be connected by cable, to serve many different needs. Examples:

  • The keyboard -connected by wire- can be carried in the hand. So the
       radio can be programmed without having to set it down.
  • The tuner BCC 565 can be connected by a coax cable of up to
       50 meters length, while all signals and the HF are are sent over the
       coax cable.
  • The battery can be connected by cable.

    The built in amplifier of the main unit provides a power of 50 W.

    The main unit has a detachable keyboard and is very small: 25 x 20 x 10 cm. The carrying frame, main unit, tuner, battery, antenna and handset form the portable station.
  • The HF output with tuner is 25 W.
  • The HF output without tuner is 50W.

    The modes can be simplex and 2-channel simplex, in this case transmitted and received channel are different.

    The increment of the channels is 100 Hz; switched by up /down pushbuttons. The rate can be slow or fast.

    The display has a red backlight and shown mode, output in high/low, five bars for reception strength HF output, channel number and frequency; also the result of the self test.

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    The main unit, set into a vehicle adaptor with 100W amplifier and big heatsink forms the mobile or fixed station VRQ319. It has a HF output of
  • 50 Watts at 12 V, and
  • 100 Watts at 24 V.

    There are two versions of the VRQ319- amplifier: the normal and the (present) tropical version with bigger heat sinks.

    Racal 540B
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    The 100W ATU 540B tunes 10 to 16 feet long rod antennas. It also can tune coax- antennas, connected to a BNC- Connector.

    Vehicle Interface Unit BCC 589B
    12V DC .. 32V DC

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    The radio set provides 50W HF @ 12V. A converter by Racal, the "Vehicle Interface Unit BCC 589B" can use a voltage from 10 to 32 V DC. If the voltage drops below 18V, The HF output is automatically reduced to 50W; below 10V teh converter switches itself off.

    A BCC 39B, connected to the Interface BCC 589B, also is called VRQ319.

    Many pictures of modules can be seen at PE1LXS 's website.

    Frequency range:
    1.6 ... 30 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    Portable with ATU: 25W
    Portable without ATU: 50W
    Mobile radio / Fixed station at 12V: 50W; at 24V: 100W
    Continuous usage in tropical regions possible by large heatsink
    Stored channels:
    Channel spacing:
    100 Hz
    USB Speech
    LSB Seech
    USB CW
    LSB CW
    Power consumption (portable):
    With ATU: 25W at 5.5 A
    Main unit without ATU: 50W at 8.5 A
    Simplex and half- duplex
    Tuning- time:
    Usually less than 300 mS
    24V, 4 AH